ProSlide Sports’ custom, sleek design comfortably and securely safeguards the knee and shin -- key impact points when you are sliding, diving, running, and riding. ProSlide is sleek and secure, designed by an athlete for all athletes who are looking for additional protection, confidence, and comfort during their activity. 

My name is Matthew Rosenthal, and I have been playing baseball and softball since I was 3-years-old. I’ve been competitive as long as I can remember, and have never hesitated to dive to make a play or slide to force a close play. Travel sports leagues have allowed me to play on various surfaces (e.g., hot turf, clay, rocky dirt). I’ve learned the hard way that there’s one thing that these surfaces all have in common: Each can easily rip open your leg when you’re sliding or diving at fast speeds. In the years I’ve been playing sports, I’ve gone through a ton of sliding pants and knee pads. But, I still managed to get injured. None of these options were big enough or strong enough to protect both my knee and shin. 

In 2020, I was playing softball with 2 pairs of knee-high socks, a slide pad, and a pair of thick sweatpants; I slid into 2nd base, and quite literally ripped up my leg. The bruising and scarring was brutal and incredibly painful. It took me 3 months to heal since the wound was so severe. During this time, I looked for a new leg protection option. I wanted to be able to slide and play with the peace of mind knowing I’d be protected. When I couldn’t find something sufficient, I created it: ProSlide Leg Sleeve. 

My goal was to provide athletes, like myself, peace of mind – knowing they could slide, dive, or fall with less risk of injury. Now, with ProSlide Leg Sleeve, athletes can comfortably prevent turf burns, scrapes, bruises, and other leg wounds without compromising performance, style, or comfort.